Random set of exercises and school practices

Retrofit 2

  • Ivan Žarković
Hello reader, in this article, I will write about a widely used Java tool for communication with web services. This little interface helped me to understand how web API's work (how I can write and read data...

Android Design Pattern MVVM

  • Ivan Žarković
MVVM architecture has been recommended by Google as one of the best ways to structure your Android application code. The main features of this approach are: UI components are kept away from business logic Business...

JavaServer Faces

  • Ivan Žarković
This article covers preparation for the JSF exam in Serbian. You can find the full script on the link below. What will be covered in this script Elements of JSF Application JavaServer Faces Facelets JSF...

PHP Short Scripts Explained

  • Ivan Žarković
Hello reader, in this practicum, I'm going to show you the steps I was taking in learning the basics of PHP programming. We are going to cover all the necessary things to build dynamic web pages and back-end...

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