Random set of exercises and school practices

HTML Basics

  • Ivan Žarković
Hello reader, in this article, we will cover the basic theory behind HTML markup language. HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a simple language used to execute Internet applications. It's standard for Internet...

Android Design Pattern - MVVM (Part 3)

  • Ivan Žarković
Hello reader, in this article, I will write about Android application design in Adobe XD and transferring that design to an Android Studio Before we start, notice that I have changed model class from

Android Design Pattern - MVVM (Part 2)

  • Ivan Žarković
Hello reader, this is the second part of How to Build Weather Application using the Android Design Pattern (MVVM). In the first part, we have covered how to implement a Model View ViewModel pattern in the Android...

Android Design Pattern - MVVM (Part 1)

  • Ivan Žarković
Hello reader, I have challenged myself one more time to make a series of instructions on How to Build Weather Application for Android using Jetpack, Retrofit and Open Weather Api. This guide will be divided...

Choosing programming language

  • Ivan Žarković
Hello reader, today I will write about my decision to start learning a new programming language. When I first started programming I read about the importance of pseudo-code. Pseudo-code is used for concepting...

Exercise - Find Palindrome

  • Ivan Žarković
Hello reader,   I have made simple exercises for Android beginners using Java and Android Studio. What are we making? We will make an application for checking if users' word is Palindrome. A palindrome is...

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